Jamber is a brother-sister duo whose passion is to bring together food, drink and most importantly people. Born in the Chicago area, Jess and Matt loved having a tremendous assortment of quality food and drink establishments right in their hometown. They both left the Midwest in 2009 (Jess moved to Seattle and Matt moved to San Francisco) with love for the west coast and, of course, warmer weather. Matt fell in love with San Francisco and called Jess one day to tell her to move down south and pursue her restaurant dream with him by her side.

Jess took the opportunity of a lifetime and moved to San Francisco in 2012. Moving to the west coast gave them an even better appreciation for wine and enabled them to share their laid-back and simple approach to savoring it. Jess has been in the restaurant business all her life and strives to create a comfortable, friendly space for people to enjoy their family, friends and community.

Jamber Wine Pub serves California wine all on tap (nothing in bottles!) carefully selected by Matt and Jess who personally visited the wineries searching for that elusive combination of optimal taste at minimal cost. Jamber also serves their favorite local brews and even do a few sodas, all on draft. Jamber's menu is American Comfort Food selectively gathered from their favorite family recipes. Embracing sustainability, they are an SF Green business, and eagerly promote the use of bikes by providing bike racks right outside their pub.


Jess has always (it's in her blood!) been around food. Growing up with a Mom who cooked meals at home (she even baked our bread), she had a great role model for taking charge of her own meals. As soon as she got her worker's permit at the age of 15, she knew where she wanted her first job--at the grocery store. She wanted to be a cashier, fascinated by what people bought to cook for dinner and wanting to bring a smile to their faces as the customers left the store. But she then she found out that to be a cashier she had to be eighteen! She knew she'd be happy in any position, but quickly learned the job she could have--an employee who stocks the shelves and unloads inventory--had to be done by a male. What?! She could unload heavy things and stock shelves just as good as any boy! Determined to work at her hometown grocery store, she wrote a letter to the owner and promised she could do the same work as a boy, and the female stock position was born.

From then on, she knew this is what she loved--working with food and people. Following her first job, she scooped ice cream, tackled a juice bar, earned fastest sandwich maker, served, bar-tended and right out of college landed her first management job at an Italian bistro. She went on to manage restaurants, bars, quick-service, fine dining--anything in the industry. Spending lots of time in her own kitchen and becoming a professional eater (which requires countless restaurant trips), she gathered recipes and ideas on what food she would one day serve at her own restaurant. She studied marketing in college with dreams of owning her own restaurant, and knew that as much fun as it would be, it's still a business and getting people in the door is the first step.

Creating a menu to bring comfort to drinking wine and beer was top of her list - wanting Jamber (one of Jess' nicknames) to be a laid back and comfortable place for family, friends and community to commune. Jess and Matt have worked closely to bring together their passions and create an even bigger family to share their dreams. Welcome to Jamber!

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